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“Fresh Faces of Broadway” series. Link to Interview

“Adam Arian, who was terrific in “Bomb-itty of Errors,” a couple of years back, shines as Lucentio.”

“Adam Arian: Performs the part of the self-centered, egotistical, jerk flawlessly.”

“A single spotlight shone on a remarkably talented young man who proceeded to give a flawless

a cappella rendition of "The Star-Spangled Banner" -- replete with enough cadenzas, ornaments and gospel licks to do Patti LaBelle proud.” 

“Adam Arian’s Sweeney has power and substance – both in songs such as No Place Like London, The Barber and His Wife and Epiphany – and in conveying the increasing madness of the man.”

"I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change turns ten this month at the Westside Theatre with a new cast (Ron Bohmer, Karyn Quackenbush, Adam Arian, Anne Bobby) full of effortless talent and great comic chemistry."

"Arian has a tricky balancing act to perform: he has to give us a person capable of abandoning his family to poverty, as Tom's father did, yet someone whose artistic sensitivity we don't dismiss as raw ego. The actor doesn't totter, doesn't fall."

"Some of the performances were outstanding, especially Adam Arian and Daniel Rubiano in multiple roles."

“Bouquets also to Adam Arian, Robert Whitney,, Doug Brandt, and Lawrence Bull as the quartet.”

“Adam Arian is a handsome handful as both Lucentio, Bianca's chosen, and Vincentio, his cackling father.”

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